The Man Behind The Blog

19 years-old. 5’8″. Half Puerto-Rican, half English/Welsh.  That’s only scratching the surface to my true self. All you need to know is that I am a blogger to the WordPress community, but what fun would that be if I only indulged in that much.
I asked many people “If there was one thing you want to know about me, what would it be?”

Many answered, many shook their heads and called me names. Here is what they said…

1.- “If you could have anything (material wise), what would it be?”

  • A real Iron Man suit; my name already has close resemblance to the superhero so why not just complete the picture–minus facial hair. (I’m trying, but the dimple on my chin WILL NOT grow hair…)

2.- “Favorite color?”

  • Blue. Satin Blue. The real man color.

3.- “Favorite car?”

  • Lamborghini Reventon. Period.

4.-How many years have you been writing?

  • Almost nine years now, and by this October it will have been that long. My first writing was dialogue for my Stickman Adventures comics. I’ll explain that one later…

5.- “What did you want to be when you were little?”

  • I wanted to be an artist. For the duration of my elementary years I was so determined to be as good as my art teacher (which was a great inspiration to me) I participated in many of the schools art festivals, hoping to gain premature fame. It never came and I realized my artwork was as terrible as if a dog with blue paint on it’s paws was given a blank canvas to scratch.

6.- “…So what happened with wanting to become a writer?”

  • It just came to me one day while role-playing with my step-brother. I was left to create a brand new character after mine died and thus “Aladar Marnray” was conceived in my backyard. The ideas and the world that came along with that name inspired me to write what my imagination had created.

Well. Thats all I have, so if you remain curious to my mysteriousness, leave a comment.

  1. Hey there, I Nominated you for an Award!

    Keep up the good work!

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