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The Artist–The new face of movies

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”
-Martin Scorsese

Last night at the Academy Awards “The Artist” directed by Michel Hazanavicius won the award for Best Picture. To be honest I expected Hugo to be the winner; Martin Scorsese did a wonderful job with his adaptation of the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret and including the many other awards the movie has received the ultimate winner left me a bit bewildered.
Far from shocked however. The Artist is unlike any movie of our time, if I were a director I never would have thought about creating a movie in pure black and white and silent; I see a big risk in doing so which could be the reason in why no one though of doing it in this period of time, but thank the French for having the balls to bring something fresh to the screens.–and succeed. After the show I felt as if this finally brought the style of movies to a full round, something special happens when you bring the past into the future, but is this how things are going to be for now on?

I imagine a Charley Chaplin movie in the works since The Three Stooges are emerging back onto view and only time will tell if I’m actually correct. There’s nothing particularly wrong with old style movies becoming the new trend, but I would rather prefer seeing modern sci-fi movies taking the throne of Best Picture or at least winning an Oscar…
Nevertheless I suggest to everyone to watch this great movie that has now embedded itself into our history.