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In Memorium: A Bacon’s Tale

Many of you may not be aware of the recent tragedy of the Bacon community when a truck driver transporting 40,000 pounds of our beloved ambrosia crashed on the highway. The Bacon was celebrating it’s third day of emerging into this world when the semi hit the median, spilling him and all of his brethren onto the pavement.

They were killed on impact.

Rest in Peace

The Bacon was a fun, family loving strip, always ready to help a friend in need. With the dreams of someday starring in his own reality show he participated in several videos within his time of development, steadily climbing the ladder of fame.  He was loved by many and shall be missed by all donuts, skillet, sandwiches, Wendy’s, and unorthodox platters. The nation shall grieve for the loss and will always remember this day. The rest of the numbers shall be forever be etched in remembrance by a memorial being built at supermarkets everywhere.

The Bacon is in a better place now.