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Re:Blogged- Monster

I don’t usually like poems, I have never been good at them and nothing I really became fully involved in. My friend Hamuu who happens to not only work beside be in the same cubicle, but also owns a blog of his very own (which if you were to find out we might me the only ones in the entire facility). I read what he titled as “Monster” and I found myself in his work of poetry, it reminded me of what I had to go through (in certain period of my life that I will not reveal) and almost  perfectly represented what I felt like at that time.
In a therapeutic attempt to release the internal torment I embodied it into my story and helped form the main character of my book. (…movie…screenplay…I don’t know anymore…)

Now there’s two.

Anyway, enjoy this great poem by my equally great friend.

...Trapped in a body I no longer own...


by Dustin Reed

Everyone has a monster that lurks inside,
A creature with a dark design.
If let loose, my greatest fear,
Would harm all those I hold dear.
Consuming pain with every breath,
To give in would mean my death.
So tired and beaten I fight on.
It must not claim me as its pawn.

But on this field devoid of light,
Can I win an endless fight?
Against the nameless sorrow and hate,
Is loss my only fate?
Confronted with this doubt I slip,
I start to feel the monsters icy grip.
My heart grows cold; my soul to fire,
For a moment I entertain a dark desire.

Emotions fade and turn to stone,
As my body becomes the creature’s home.
With my hand he reaches out,
I protest and I shout.
But listen he does not
For I am the prize the monster has sought.
Now trapped in a body no longer my own,
I am helpless and alone.