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Time for Virtual Party Hats V5; One Lovely Blog Nomination!

Here we are once again to celebrate the greatest moments of my blog’s history; looking back at all the tears, blood, sweet, and Bengay used to craft such a blog of incredulousness. This time the party welcomes the news of its second award from another blog, My Two Caps. The blog carries a lot of great posts pertaining to the vast realm of virtual reality and the geekhood we so proudly engage in.
I sincerely thank you for such an honor and since the nomination was granted due to the earlier posts I made about gaming, Better With A Pen shall continue on with the game related news, reviews, and sneak peeks. The news shall also continue on the brother site Gaming The Systems, so don’t fret my dears.

One Lovely Blog Award

In part of accepting such award there are some rules that follow:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself. (Keep in mind that children may read this)
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you absolutely relish.
  • Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

So now that the rules are acknowledged, I must acknowledge them myself. 7 little known facts:

  1. I have written an entire novel in my youth, deciding that it would serve a greater purpose as kindling than a readable piece of material.
  2. I’m very outspoken and I don’t let anything stop me from speaking my mind, which gives others the impression that I am an insensitive pompous jerk.
  3. I like to reenact Brian Regan’s standup routines, having the uncanny ability to replicate his voice. (As much as someone doesn’t like it…)
  4. I have never been able to successfully write a poem, as each 15-word heartfelt letter becomes a 15-page heartfelt letter.
  5. I dress like a hipster, but remain classy and suave.
  6. I’m crazily, insanely in love with someone right now, so I thought I should tell the world.
  7. I still enjoy drawing my StickMan Adventures comic series I began in my year at Puerto Rico. It now happens to be on it’s 10th season.

Now here are the 15 blogs that I would like to nominate for this meritorious award:

So, go on to check these great blogs out. Maybe even read a bit. It’s healthy.
Let the party commence!

funny gifs

Time for Virtual Party Hats V4

Once again, we come to celebrate the next milesones that have been crossed off on the list;

10.000 views in a total of 5 months!


And some crazy amount of likes!

funny gifs
It’s amazing to see how fast this has grown, and I only have Halo my devoted followers to thank  for such a chance to show everyone my talents in writing. The greatest Milestone of all has to be the motivation to continue on with my occupational hobby. I almost gave up, unsure if it was the right thing to do, but the more I wrote I realized that I could be a writer along with anything else I might do later on.

For updates, BWaP will be posting videos related to minor life events or other media, which means that this blog will be it’s own personal doman and my statement will begin to lecture me on the importance of keeping money in my account.

Again, thanks to all my followers and friends who have read, commented, and liked my posts. Since we can’t celebrate in person, special curcumstances has allowed us to participate in the party of this virtual realm. Let’s boogie!

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Time for Virtual Party Hats v3

It’s that time again; the time to slap on those party hats, burst open that confetti, and increase those chances of dying from a sugar overdose. Ever since our last celebration (in which we witnessed the spotlight of the most popular post ever, lots of applause, and empty promises) a lot has happened such as some more crazy posts (as usual), a fellow writer that joined the wonderful WordPress community, and a depressing move from an occupational department to another less interesting one.

Besides that there is one thing that is more paramount than anything else…

That means People from all over wasted took their time to read the contents of my blog 5,000 times! A milestone worthy of an achievement.

…Okay, perhaps not…

But what does deserves one is my short story “Steamship Billy” who won an Honorable Mention in the TDG Create a World Writing Contest. Now it may not seem like a big deal–“Oooo, you got a picture with some girly flowers on it.”–but it’s the first time my writing has received any kind of recognition, and even though I came close to third, it’s worth it all.

So, what will you see in the upcoming months?

  • More short stories
  • More GIF’s of supreme hilarity
  • Additional Blogroll victims friends
  • A new layout and theme
  • More postsYou Don't Say

Perhaps the next party will celebrate a Freshly Pressed or our next milestone of 10,000 views. Then again I would like to thank all my friends, followers, and guests that have given feedback and read what I had to say.

I wonder what could be the reason in so much popularity…


Unhinged Polygons: Zombie Repellant

“Don’t get into the Warthog Jimmy.” I told my friend, warning him of the possible snipers in the area. The battlefield was quiet and a lone Rocket-hog sat in the middle of it. It was suspicious, usually it was fought for and Jimmy was known for getting into it first.
“Don’t worry Tony, I’ll just get it really quick and drive off before anyone can hit me.” He then casually strutted out of the cave and toward the Warthog, jumped in, and was instantly plucked out of gameplay from a head-shot.

This is one of the many scenarios I face during the frequent Halo Parties I attend. I was obliged to be invited to another in the same week from a different group of friends, two in one week. I was beginning to think that life couldn’t get any better than this. Mountains of Pizza boxes and Dr. Pepper cans became the latest pieces of furniture and the headsets were starting to bend our ears in a shape any Trekkie would be proud of.

The First one was composed of the friends with whom I work with; Jimmy, Ken (Kenny), and Mark. The invitation was obvious after an argument erupted after I said that I could get the Killimanjaro medal, Mark was skeptical and challenged me to a Slayer match. I came as soon as I could to his place, arriving when he least expected it. The first match was an Infection and I was one of the defending players. Since it was on ONI Sword base a good spot could be found in various places and prepared myself by procuring a shotgun before the herd of zombies came running towards me. It took seconds for the rampage to begin.

One zombie.
Two zombie. Double Kill.
Three zombie. Triple Kill.
Four and Five zombie. Zombie Killing Spree.

Mark was now getting concerned.

Six zombie. Killtrocity.
Seven. Killimonjaro.

Mark’s face was then breaking into a sweat.

Eat my medals Mark!

Eight. Killtastrophe.
Nine. Killpocalypse.
Ten. Hell’s Janitor.

Mark threw his fist into his lap in defeat.
A few seconds later a voice shouted “Hell’s Jerome!” and the entire room around me went silent. It was only when the match ended that I could see everyone’s face in utter amazement and shock. Mark shook his head then my hand, and said “Good one Marn, didn’t think you could do it.” but what he was really saying was “I will now eat my shoe.”.
It was out of luck, but I knew I could do it. For the rest of the night I was treated like Major Nelson…well, almost I suppose.

Next time you want to challenge me remember this, Don’t Mess with The Marnray.

Time For Virtual Party Hats v2

Party till you sugar-crash.

It’s that time again, time to celebrate our next milestone of 500 views! (Pity on those who didn’t believe me the first time.)
Friday, March 9th was the blog’s most popular day with The Shoe To Fill the most popular post EVER. (In my history that is.) In the upcoming months new features will arise that will change the very way this blog is formatted, posts will blow your mind, and LULZ that shall stop your breathing; this isn’t an action movie folks, but it will happen!

Then again I would like to thank those who have provided feedback, those who have dared to follow me, my mom, the Academy, …