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Novel Transmogrification

My novel has taken a turn in the past months, becoming a full fledged book and not some exhibition of crumpled notes and doodles. For once I am satisfied with what it turned out to be, but I still believe it could be better…much better.
Anyway, I was suggested to post an excerpt for opinions and to give an idea to those who have questioned it’s literary nature. Perhaps it will go better than I think, something to distribute in exchange for monetary compensation.


The Rise Of the Titans

Chapter 1

A blue ball bounced up and down against a desk, disrupting the presentation that was setup for training the class of twelve aspiring racers. Heads turned toward the antagonist of the day in disgust and concern, for the trainer he approached the being and snatched the ball from the air. The young man looked up when he noticed that it never followed gravity’s pull.
“What do you think you’re doing Mr. Marnray?” The trainer said while inspecting the sphere, which seemed to be made of some treated foam.
The young man shrugged. “Bored. If it is what you people call it.”
“Aladar, I don’t appreciate your disruptions, regardless of your mental state it does not excuse taking time away from teaching others.”
“Perhaps we would get more out of learning if you actually taught us.” Aladar said hotly.
The trainer gritted his teeth and placed himself back in front of the class in restraint. The trainer was a unique being, one of Varluian origin. The extraterrestrial species lived in extreme temperatures which resembled the appearance of rocky, charred skin. Their vains glowed a crimson red, like flowing lava on the surface of obsidian. Evolutionary studies testified that they adapted to the harsh planet, but none were able to specify the time we found them, the same with all the other other-worldly nations.
A young woman raised her hand, gaining the attention of the entire class.
“Yes Jess?”
“Craytor, why don’t we take a test drive?”
The Varluian glared at Aladar, wondering what kind of rebellion he was leading. “All of you are not ready to get behind that command module without first becoming acquainted with its structure. Once we do, then I can let each of you drive that engine.”
The sounds of multiple groans fueled something inside of Aladar, a spark of determination ignited a sense of necessity to change the course of his boredom. “Can I be dismissed for a few?”
Craytor shrugged. “Can you?”
Aladar left the room and directed himself toward the garage. Different models of Hyper-Drifters were lined against the wall, ready to action. Aladar knew exactly what he was getting into when he activated one dressed in black matte paint and blue decals, but he could care less what got in the way of desire to race.

“So as I said, the tires on a Hyper Racer automatically inflate when you pull on the trigger situated on the left and right side of the steering handles, increasing sidewall rigidity. The left one will always be for the back wheels and, well you know the other. Both can be activated at the same time which will be important to know when you take those steep turns, just don’t punch the gas too early or you’ll be Hyper-Drifting yourself off into the depths of the ground below.” Craytor said while flipping through the slideshow of diagrams and scaled photos. “I’ve seen it happen and it’s not-”
Craytor paused and waited for the distant sound to re-emit. The engine of an HR roared on the track, alerting everyone in the building. “Marnray.” Craytor said through gritted teeth, then ran outside to intercept Aladar’s rebellious activity.