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50th Post!

50 looks like a small number in the blogging world, especially those who write daily and have the audacity to post whatever it may be that was keyed onto the screen, terrible or not. For me however I post whenever I am inspired or excited (which as you can tell only happens 10% of the time each month). To reflect on the noble history of Better With a Pen, lets take a look into the past in memorium of the forgotten posts.

  1. New Beginnings– The first ever post I dared to post.
  2. Hypocricy at it’s Finest– When I figured I should just write for the hell of it.
  3. The Shoe to Fill– The best post of the entire history of the blog: 2,532 views.
  4. May Cause Belief in Humanity to Melt Away– The woes of a Tech support agent.
  5. Time for Virtual Party Hats– The first party.
  6. A Nerd and His Bike– Me, making the world aware that I do not have a licence.
  7. Just Another Maniacal “Moon” Day– How I hate Mondays and the entity who enjoys making us miserable.
  8. Steamship Billy– My first ever short-story that I successfully completed.
  9. My Tin Receptacle Agenda– Not your average bucket list.
  10. I Watched: The Avengers– I couldn’t mis the chance to write about the biggest movie of 2012.
  11. How to Pick Your Nose in Public– Tips for those who hate to wait.

I remember when I first wrote my first post, holding onto the assumption that it would take the same form as my last blog, but the first like changed my view entirely. Out of all of the posts, which one is your favorite?

Leave your responses in the comment section below. *In Ray William Johnson voice*

So Easy an Ostrich Can Do It

The one thing I seemed to forget to put on my bucket list was to go skiing in some point of my virtually insignificant life. I’ve always been scared to do it, not that I don’t think I can do it or learn how, it has to be more of a “you might die” scenario that plays in my head like the ones where you expect to be rejected by a cute girl…or guy depending on your orientation.

I’m not that into sports as it is, thanks to my terrifying experience with football in my 7th grade year. At that time I was 105 pounds, considered scanty for the team, and possibly the guy with the smallest frame in the city (for my age); thrown into the gridiron to compete against 300 pound gorillas that, if ethically acceptable, could easily crush my rib-cage with one hand in some chest-pounding ritual. I learned my place was behind a desk, writing or troubleshooting computers for poor people with head-trauma. (Related to the sport or not…)

However I don’t see myself as a statue and I enjoy the warm sun on my flesh. I participate in many activities such as volleyball, occasional soccer matches, baseball, and swimming, but anything other than that I haven’t had the chance to actually learn.
(I would be eternally grateful if Ryan Sheckler would expose the art of skateboarding to my conscientiousness.)
Among those are winter sports snowboarding and skiing. I don’t want to become the next Shawn White (Is his last name a mere coincidence?), all I want is to prove that I can do it; that I can survive the treacherous slopes of  Mt. Snowytops everywhere. It would be fun and something to do before my years can be numbered on a hand.

When the Pen is at Hand, Expect Stationary Motivation

I stare at a blank page more often than I actually write sometimes, I sit bored waiting for some random thought to form into something great. It happens in rare circumstances however and it only worked successfully three times. Make if four times now.

After serious contemplating I have noticed that most of my views come from people who read stuff that relate to my life or writing, not gaming; so I decided to create a whole new blog specifically dedicated to gaming. In general I might write reviews about new releases and other games, iPhone/iPod/iPod games (Couldn’t you have just said Apple App Store?), and other mobile platformers. I decided to separate content based on the popularity of my posts about gaming and digital media, as the posts I released didn’t fit the audience I established.

Perhaps now everyone can read more about my heteromorphic life and how I traverse this world one flat bike tire at a time. Oh, and movies too. Can’t forget movies.

The Woes of Moving-Out

I’ll be living on my own.

The very sound of that terrified me. I said it, I wanted it, and now I have it, but what it took was more than having the funds of a young Tony Stark. I had…connections. (*Spoken in italian accent*)

Before then, I was contemplating the possibility of a studio apartment, since my film production company is in it’s infancy I needed all the room I could get, but time was against me. Days passed and I wasn’t sure what I was to do, apartments were denying my application due to the lack of credit history, regardless of my $25,000 a year salary. I was subjected to begin thinking about creating a comfy abode under a bridge, until my friends helped me get on my feet and find a small, two-bedroom residence in the other half of his duplex.

It was excited to say at the least. I wouldn’t have to do chores everyday, I could live like I was my own boss without rules or the prosecution of laziness, I would be able to play Halo in 15 hour stretches and not get my butt lit on fire.

Until I actually got it.

I realized time was getting shorter and less available to fit in recreational  activities. Not only that but the process of getting furniture was the equivalent of catching Legendary Pokemon. I was calling in multiple days at a time to get situated (like I minded), my Evernote account was on grocery-list overdrive, and my mind was overwhelmed on how much it would take to even live comfortably. My days consisted of:

I need soap.
Why did I forget soap?
Dang, towels too.
No toilet paper? Wish I had a towel.
Guess I could use my hand–wait, no soap.
Beans for breakfast…okay.
Beans for lunch…
Beans and veggies for dinner…
No can opener?
Just beans then.
I would get ice-cream, but no ramen.
No microwave, gotta’ put that on the list.
Cleaning utensils! Can’t forget that…
I wish I had a sofa…
I could use my bed…
Where the heck am I going to put all this trash?
My place smells like old man. Fabreeze would be handy…
I need a bath.
Right…no soap.
At least I have a toothbrush.
…Where’s the toothpaste?

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Evernote and Google Docs. The whole experience taught me a valuable lesson: even though you’re living on your own, doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be living any easier. It takes work and maturity to effectively manage everything from bills to preventing starvation.   And not to forget soap.

My Tin Receptacle Agenda

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming – “WOW – What a Ride!”
– Anonymous

The question that everyone thinks about in some period of their life is “What do I want to do before I die?”. Since I see the river and then the river beneath that river (try to interpret that one) I know that there is no sign displaying the exact date we are to pass. Now is the perfect time to breakout that list of crazy and unique goals, not when your 70 years old and in regret of not doing it sooner. (I did not just make reference to a certain movie…)

So here’s the part of the list that I must succeed in completing before I reach the end of my story.

    • Skydive– If I had a quarter for each person in this planet that had this included with their Bucket List, I wouldn’t be working in a cubicle for 10 hours at a time…or perhaps I still would..
      Regardless it’s something that I must experience for myself.
    • Run Around Town in a Mascot Costume– There has been one undying wish that I will have: to be a Mascot–for football, baseball, basketball, soccer (Do they have Soccer mascots?) or even possessing one would make me one very, very happy camper.
    • Visit Every US State and World Continent- I want to die and say that I have traversed this planet, it would be a fantastic achievement and also some snazzy blog posts to go along with that.
    • Learn To Sword-fight- Sword-fighting is something that has always intrigued me and I want to be dedicated to the sport before I end up pushing-up daisies.
      Hopefully I get hired for a role in Game of Thrones before then.
    • Troll ALL the Wal-Marts- For the Lulz , this would be worth it because who would care if I were to die shortly after?
    • Race With a Formula 1 Car- To re-live my favorite Forza memories in physical reality would be an epic experience, only problem I could face would be money or that it could very well be the last thing I do in this world.
    • Create an Authentic Halo Spartan Costume- …Need I say more?
    • Kiss on New Year’s Eve at Times Square- It would be thoroughly romantic, loud, and something I have daydreamed about for years. (Let the comments of being a hopeless romantic commence…)
    • Conquer My Stage Fright- The primary reason in this is not only to live the rest of my life to the fullest, but also because it is the most vital component to becoming an Actor (if I do indeed become one).
    • Publish The Complete Works of Bion or Turn it into a Movie- 8 years of planning, collaborating, and brainstorming just to piece together a single story has questioned the true nature of how it will be embodied in a form of media. I don’t mind doing either, what I do mind is writing 7 books and then finding out that fate had in store for me to Direct them into movies.
    • Go Zorbing- Who doesn’t want to roll in an enclosed bouncy ball going 100mph down a hill?

This is far from the full list that I have safely hidden within the pages of a tattered notebook and I will willfully achieve each and everyone.

Playing Epic Minesweeper is NOT one of them.

At the end of my journey I want to look back and say “I can’t believe I did that” rather than saying “I wish I would’ve done that”.

All it takes is one small step and a passion.