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Battle of the Celestial Bodies: Game Review

As I took a look through my friend’s iPod, planning to waste the rest of my night playing Minecraft something in the bottom of the screen caught my eye. It was mostly because the icon reminded me of the JFO Helmet permutation in Halo Reach and at that time I thought that was the only resemblance the game had, but as soon as I began the first wave I was immediately struck with the old memories of my 5-hour run-ins with The Covenant.

The game starts you out as a Prototype-02 solder, trying to defend your isolated base from an alien invasion that seems to have broke free from the Starship Troopers dimension. The control scheme I feel is superior to other shooters out in the iOS platform; on-screen dual-joysticks allow fluid control of the character’s movement, but the camera control has it’s flaws. Many times I’ll be shooting a horde of plant-like creatures and all of a sudden something attacks me from behind, the lack of possessing the ability to move and shoot and look around at the same time really digs deep. However, In my opinion this adds a level of challenge to the game.

I may not be Master Chief, but I can kick some boo-tay.

During your attempts in killing the aliens that come your way they provide pick-ups that give you a credit bonus or extra ammo for which ever weapon you deploy with. Speaking of ammo, in more challenging areas the count will drop to dangerous level and in the heat of the moment you won’t be paying attention to the ammo, you’ll be more worried about saving your butt. (Irony alert!) When you do run out there’s no turning back and restarting the level is the only life-saver.

Stop shooting and take a screen-shot, perfect idea.

The customization Star Warfare includes is also a feature that makes this one of the best shooting games available on iOS, allowing you to choose between 9 different suit packages. (Technically only 8, but one can be bought with real money for .99 cents.)
The packages consists of helmets, gauntlets, body pieces, boots, and miscellaneous equipment that attaches to the back of the suit; resulting in 100+ different combinations including weapon choices. Each of these can be upgraded 8 times, maximizing firepower to a point that would make Rambo jealous. Most of the items can be purchased with in-game credits, but some top-notch equipment requires purchases with Gems.
These “Gems” are apparently dropped by bosses or by other extraterrestrials within rare circumstances. I haven’t had the opportunity to collect any of these yet so they are indeed a desired commodity, of course a bundle of them can be purchased with real world money. (Yes, yes–we get it now.)

Where have I seen these before...?

If you’re bored out of your mind, have 50mb of data unoccupied, and/or willing to put a dollar to good use I suggest getting Star Warfare. Believe it or not I could call this the “Mobile Halo” and feel good about it. I might just think twice about giving the iPod back…