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When Life Hits Ya’, It Leaves Bruises

What really happens when you turn 18.

Lethargic, ignorant, and possessed more knowledge about Halo than I did about American History; that was me at the age of 16. I was convinced that this “Golden Age” of not having any responsibilities was going to last, I could play with my Xbox for as long as I wanted, and the only function school served was for social gatherings. I was known at that time to not take things seriously (and sometimes I still am) so I blindly believed life would treat me well regardless.

Then I turned 18.

The day before I hopped on the train going 3mph, then all of a sudden it speeds up to around a hundred and I’m struggling to hold on. Everything else after that came faster than I was prepared for; I needed to get a job, I needed to start providing for myself, getting finances in control, learning to drive, getting my GED, and taking care of legal and government requirements. The time my schedule allowed only had room for work and studying, suddenly I longed for some time off to do something for myself.
I was now in the shoes of an adult…perhaps because I was one–and the transition was not comfy to say at the least.

If I could go back in time in warn myself of what was ahead I would be more prepared, I would have payed attention in school instead of writing so much, I would’ve gotten a job sooner, and read Checkbook Balancing for Dummies.
Now I see others going through the same thing. I see them sit around all day, doing nothing other than doing school work and playing. Not that these activities are bad in any way, but they don’t seem to have a desire to start preparing for the change that will come about. I can sympathize with the matter and I know that when life hits ’em, it’s going to hit hard.

I’m only on the first stepping stone in this journey and when the time comes to get my own house, marriage, and sustaining a family–I’ll be ready…hopefully.