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I Watched: The Avengers


As good as any golden one.

Holding the ticket to the biggest movie of 2012 quite exhilarating, with all the excitement that brewed in the theater and the long line that threatened the integrity of my dry pants, it was exactly what awaiting for the screening of The Avengers should feel like. While my wait I contemplated the lack of the special edition 3D glasses that Hollywood Theaters had and what it would’ve been like if I had the opportunity to grab a pair of the for the one-in-a-lifetime event, regardless Ebay has a prolific supply of them.

I’d hate to say anything about what I saw on the 4th other than that it was single-handedly the best movie I have seen.

Better than the Dark Knight you say?

The Avengers


Hard to say, but the movie debuted in 2008 and there was no warning of The Avengers at that time. I can still say it’s in second place however, but will more than likely move to third once The Dark Knight Rises sails off.
Joss Whedon directs the amazing presentation of what all superhuman or Marvel movies in general should be like. The story follows Loki as he continues his mischief by making a deal with an alien known as the Other to capture the Tesseract (a bluish, magical cube that is recognizable in Captain America: The First Avenger) in exchange to unleash the horde of Chitauri on the earth all in Loki’s control. Nick Fury who then becomes aware of the plan must unite a team to prevent the ultimate destruction of the Earth, contacting Tony Stark, Thor, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff (I had the most terrible time trying to remember that), and Clint Barton…well, sort of…

The interaction between them was something that brought something fresh to the genre even though the characters have been in existence for decades; Tom Hiddleston’s representation of Loki gave me Hannibal Lector esque chills, Chris Evans reminded us that Captain America has an internal conflict deeper than Bruce Banner–and speaking of the Hulk–Mark Ruffalo surpassed the expectations of a wannabe Edward Norton and instead created a humble, interesting person who has successfully controlled the monster inside, ready to unleash it when duty calls.

The one thing that kept me planted firmy to the cushion was the barrage of humor and cultural references, something that is rarely seen in such an action-packed and dramatized type of movie, but surprisingly fit in with only a few minor mishaps (such as Loki’s comment at the end which-I-cannot-say-due-to-the-mass-of-people-who-have-not-watched-the-amazing-movie-that-I-cannot-begin-to-proclaim-how-much-they-need-to). Among the action you will begin to see some odd maneuvers and then suddenly realize that they are preforming moves from Ultimate Alliance, which surprized me in more than one way. He’s a gamer and knows exactly what he’s doing.

The Avengers has many jaw-dropping moments throughout the 140 minute motion-picture, but the post-credits scene left me in a paralyzed state of shock. I have read many Marvel comics in my 19 year lifespan and from what was beheld unto me, it left the biggest clue to what the sequel’s plot will revolve around. I would guess that it is in the good hands of Mr. Whedon and perhaps knows how to turn our opinion of sequels in general inside out.

The Avengers

I watched The Avengers. Did you?

Remember The Date

November 6th.
The official date when millions of gamers will squeal with unprecedented happiness. Below is some classified intel on the multiplayer that comes from some-gaming-site-that-I-cannot-access-anymore-and-does-not-belong-to-me-to-prevent-any-kind-of-plaigerism (Halo Waypoint) that we will have to become proficient in for the next generation.

• Weapon Drops

“Traditionally, power weapons spawn at set locations on a map. After looking at what has worked in the past and what we wanted to change for the future, we decided to build a new weapon spawning system from the ground up for Halo 4. Our primary goal was to make the system accessible to both new and returning Halo players, and also to make it fit within the context of Infinity–a massive vessel that is the new home of Halo multiplayer.
Initial weapon drops happen at the beginning of a match. After that, timers are set for when they drop in, and subtle UI elements communicate the time and destination of their impending arrival. Drops will be appropriate for each map; for instance, long-range weapon drops (i.e., sniper rifles) are likely to occur on large maps while close-range weapon drops (i.e., shotguns) are likely to occur on tight quarter maps.

There are two important things to note about weapon drops: you’ll have the ability to customize ordinance in custom games, and not-at-all-random is a more accurate descriptor than random.

• Player Spawn System

Evaluating the average number of living players on a map at a time, how long it takes to see an opponent, how quickly you can get back into action after dying, the length of time you’re dead versus the length of time you’re alive, and overall expected life spans were all things we considered when determining the player spawn system in Halo 4. Ultimately, we opted to give players freedom over this feature.
So, in certain modes (not all), players can control the timing for when they spawn. That means that, when you die, you can choose to spawn immediately, take a short breather to select your loadout, or plan your next strategy based on how the game is going. Objective game types use specially-tuned spawn timers that are designed to suit game length, object respawn times, and scoring.

Just like weapon drops, you’ll be able to tweak (or turn off) these settings in custom games.

• Sprint

The decisions people make in matchmaking give us an invaluable amount of information about both the game and various gameplay elements. The information we gleaned from Reach allowed us to learn a lot of lessons from Armor Abilities. That and the balancing we’ve done within the sandbox led us to make the decision that everyone will have Sprint in Halo 4–meaning you will no longer have to choose between base mobility and an extra ability.
The levels in Halo 4 are designed for this faster mobility. You’re continually driven right back into action, not away from it. You can try to use Sprint to flee combat, but you’re not likely to be successful because everyone else will have it, too, thus ensuring someone will be right on your tail, shooting your back while you attempt to escape, and probably causing your untimely demise.

It’s also worth mentioning that just because everybody has Sprint, base movement is not slow. If you’re familiar with previous Halo games, we looked at the speed and mobility of Halo 3 as the inspiration for Halo 4.

• Forerunner Vision

Forerunner vision, one of the Armor Abilities that will debut in Halo 4, is still being tweaked, so I’m going to keep the details light today. While it’s being described as letting you see through walls, it’s more accurate to refer to it as sonar, where it sweeps out from its origin point to detect surrounding objects.
As with all Armor Abilities, it has tradeoffs: there is a delay before you get the knowledge of where other players are located, situational awareness is affected by the visual treatment of that mode (in its current iteration, it can best be described as shimmery), and other players within the range receive auditory cues when you activate it. So they will know when you’re peeking.

We’ll share more about this Armor Ability, and others, in the months leading up to launch.

• Spartan Ops

One of the biggest changes we’ve made to multiplayer is making story an integral part of the experience. Our new Halo 4 cooperative mode, called Spartan Ops, is an ambitious example of that. If you’re a fan of Firefight, we anticipate you’ll enjoy this objective-based multiplayer mode.
Along with introducing an ongoing CG series that will tell a story over the course of a season, Spartan Ops will also give you the opportunity to play weekly missions that relate to that fiction. This mode will provide an outlet once you complete the Campaign to further the story past the game’s end.

[Spartan Ops is part of the Halo 4 package, not paid DLC.]

Our vision for the Halo 4 multiplayer experience is to continue the tradition of giving you the tools to craft your own custom experience. A lot of these settings can be tweaked, and, right out of the box, you can put the disc in and have the experience you want in system link games, tournaments, etc. Giving players choices, and empowering them to make choices for how they want to play, is a priority for us.”

Halo 4 Theme

Interactable floating debris? Hoo-rah!


Also some other information has surfaced on the story elements as well. The Spartan IV program was developed on the UNSC Infinity (from my opinion it was done in that manner after receiving a disstress signal from Forward unto Dawn or from the home planet of the Sangheili after a civil war with a religous sect threatens the peace that the two races established. On their way to the planet they get raided by a squad of enemy ships and crash-land onto the shield world of Requiem where they face a bigger threat than the Sangheili could ever be. <insert Mantle doctrine>)

A Picture Worth A Thousand Gamerscore

Waiting for the debut of Halo 4 can be unnerving for some (Okay, perhaps all of us.) and the amount of info we have been granted to see makes it even worse.
Now, courtesy of leak site AllGamesBeta, our eyes can once again feast on more conceptual screenshots that make us delve into this mystery that Halo 4 has hidden itself behind. The first one shows Master Chief talking to his AI Cortana; a few others gives us some contemporary idea of how the multiplayer will be like with some sweet action shots while the rest show concept art and early game footage.


Crisp, clean HUD. Nice.


Imma' kick ya' the butt.

The Covenant is definitely going to appear again; their role: Unknown

It’s absolutely beautiful I must say, the game has some potential to become the best looking Halo anything ever crafted (except when they make Halo 5 for the “Durango”), even though graphics play a large part of the game we seem to be more concerned about how we will play the same. New features are in the talks and some of us are worried. Now don’t get me wrong, we have been playing what is seems like the same game over and over again with new engines and armor pieces (mind that I am excluding Halo: Reach from this), perhaps it would be a good idea to mix things around a bit; not totally stripping it and disregarding the original, but add the new features in (and make it work) to make it feel new and fresh.
343 Industries is doing a heck of a job to give us what we want and many people believe it or not would be absolutely surprised if they messed it up. We have faith in you Frank O’Connor–make us proud.

*Pictures courtesy of AllGamesBeta, EGM, and Google Images.

Delayed Review: The Dark Knight

How can I resist speaking about the best movie that I have ever seen? the problem lies in that very statement, I can’t. Now for those of you who have seen The Godfather and profess that the movie is the best ever produced for our eyes to feast upon, I can’t say the same. Perhaps because I have never seen any of the Godfathers, regardless The dark Knight is a hardy meal of it’s own that leaves my stuffed (in some theoretical manner that is not meant as a pleasantry).

Since I have never seen Batman Begins (funny story how that happened; I was in a drive-in theater and we were to watch that and Sharkboy and lavagirl as a package deal. I disagreed and pleaded with my parents that perhaps it was the wrong time, but they insisted and we were off. If I have to decree what would be the most ridiculous movie ever it would be Sharkboy and lavagirl. My eyes became heavy with bordom and as soon as the credits rolled I was asleep. Later did I know that I slept through Batman Begins and my hatred for Taylor lautner began years before Twilight…)

Back to my review…

The Batman reboot that Christopher Nolan took under his graceful wing was dark and realistic, something that the past movies failed to achieve, except for the first one directed by Tim Burton. Close, but no cigar.
Not like the previous movies were trying to hit that mark, but nothing can do what Christopher Nolan did. Batman, The Joker, Harvey Dent were all more tangible and believable than any superhero movie made, Gotham City could have been hidden on the U.S. map for all we (don’t) know. The Batmobile also received a make-over, setting the famed vehicle’s Kick-but meter to an impressive all-time high.

Most and foremost the one reason I love The Dark Knight has to be the performance given by Heath Ledger, the take on The Joker at that time convinced me that it had to have been arguably the best acting that has ever beheld before me. He felt real, felt like your average joe who was tormented and abused by his drunk father…or the conflict with his wife…(or some other fabricated lie he must recreate each day to deal with his insanity). While the both may be true in a round-about way, the Joker is multidimensional and his mysterious history is what keeps you watching, hoping that some little string of dialogue could reveal his past. When the movie is over you begin to wonder if it was possible that the Joker himself is unaware of his true origins…

Christopher Nolan noted that the movie was the origin of Two-Face (Harvey Dent) as the story curve revolved around him and the rise of the Joker.

Now what about Batman? I mean the movie is about him correct? Well, sort-of, but he cannot be unspoken. The only thing I have to disagree on Christian Bale’s role as Batman is that voice he disguises his self with, however it works, but most people might have a hard time understanding him. Bruce Wayne is very multidimensional as well, with a sense of criminal justice planted deep into his heart after the death of his parents, but will not kill unless absolutely necessary believing all men deserve a trial and to kill makes him no better than his enemies.
This was reflected greater than I had seen before in The Dark Knight when he was presented with the chance to end the Joker’s reign forever, but saved him, showing his true compassion and moral personality.

The interpersonal relationship between The Joker and Batman is unlike any and Christopher Nolan went above and beyond with his take on the rich mythology of the DC Comics superhero. With The Dark Knight Rises coming to the theaters July 20th of this year I am among those will be sitting in front of that Imax screen with complete faith that Christopher Nolan’s last installment was taken with great care (as he always has) and will most likely enjoy that as much as The Dark Knight…

Re:Blogged- Monster

I don’t usually like poems, I have never been good at them and nothing I really became fully involved in. My friend Hamuu who happens to not only work beside be in the same cubicle, but also owns a blog of his very own (which if you were to find out we might me the only ones in the entire facility). I read what he titled as “Monster” and I found myself in his work of poetry, it reminded me of what I had to go through (in certain period of my life that I will not reveal) and almost  perfectly represented what I felt like at that time.
In a therapeutic attempt to release the internal torment I embodied it into my story and helped form the main character of my book. (…movie…screenplay…I don’t know anymore…)

Now there’s two.

Anyway, enjoy this great poem by my equally great friend.

...Trapped in a body I no longer own...


by Dustin Reed

Everyone has a monster that lurks inside,
A creature with a dark design.
If let loose, my greatest fear,
Would harm all those I hold dear.
Consuming pain with every breath,
To give in would mean my death.
So tired and beaten I fight on.
It must not claim me as its pawn.

But on this field devoid of light,
Can I win an endless fight?
Against the nameless sorrow and hate,
Is loss my only fate?
Confronted with this doubt I slip,
I start to feel the monsters icy grip.
My heart grows cold; my soul to fire,
For a moment I entertain a dark desire.

Emotions fade and turn to stone,
As my body becomes the creature’s home.
With my hand he reaches out,
I protest and I shout.
But listen he does not
For I am the prize the monster has sought.
Now trapped in a body no longer my own,
I am helpless and alone.

Steamship Billy

Let the games begin!

This is the official submission for The Dark Globe: Create a World Writing Contest (as you could have clearly read from the banner above). Read it, Enjoy it, Love it.

Jexis popped the cork from an old bottle of whiskey, wiping the rim to remove the dust that had accumulated for years. He tipped the bottle into his mouth and squinted with each swig. I couldn’t imagine what it could have tasted like; one-hundred years of fermented wheat and barley was far from what I deemed as refreshing. If being drunk was a hazard enough we were also thousands of feet in the air, piloting a Steamship of unsurpassed quality. Gears, wires, and pipes gave it it’s distinct design that kept the spirit of Gennua, the craft was the only personal property I had labored for solely from scraps of gold and metal–of course the life I cultivated in piracy pardoned me to “borrow” a few utilities I had no further access to. My status of Captain was self granted, there was only a few who possessed the bravery to soar alongside the birds and our reason in occupying the craft was to relocate to a remote, more edifying residence.

Jexis growled then gave the impression of one trying to beat his ribs into an altered form. The man was in his mid-forties, the appearance I was used to seeing consisted of ungroomed facial hair, an early case of balding, and wrinkled skin, but his wardrobe was of supreme condition; a brown coat, fresh black boots, a maroon vest and the several rings and watches lined across his arms was enough to deceive others as being considerably wealthy.
“We shoulda’ tapped into those provisions years ago.”
“You should know why we didn’t. The war would not grant us access.” I said before Jexis could guess incorrectly.
“I knew that.” Jexis laughed.
The war was a time of tribulation and misfortune for the multitude on the surface of Gennua, the soldiers of the neighboring world accused us for pillaging their lands and taking it as our own when it belonged to them. Their forces helped themselves to our nearly unlimited supply of gold which soon revealed the true objective; the initialization of war was to control our storages of the rare substance. We ultimately lost and now we are left to fight for what is left of our golden planet.

The Steamship crashed through the masses of clouds. It was the exhilaration of flying was what kept me from a more professional occupation, besides I had in mind that I could become the driving force behind the eventual repossession of our home, but I couldn’t do it alone. Jexis was the only other individual I trusted, he was once on the other side of the field, but was impelled to joined us when his inner conscience determined that he was among a perverse people. A man like that I honored, but sometimes worried about since he adopted the addiction to alcohol.

In the midst of my reminiscing I mistakenly altered the course of the Steamship and now we were exposed for the ground below to detect.
“What happened to the fog?” Said the drunken Jexis.
I bestowed a look of disapproval and rotated the wheel of the helm. As soon as the craft was almost turned to it’s port-side a massive object emerged from within the clouds. After the war they sent out mobile refineries what we titled them as “Sun Strippers”–created to capture vessels like mine and strip any remaining gold they didn’t retrieve the first time–and we were being followed by their flag ship.

I spun the wheel back to the right as hard as I could manage and pumped more coal into the engines, with a jolt a burst of blistering steam shot out of the exhaust vents and caused poor Jexis to fall to the cabin levels. The flag ship began it’s attack by penetrating our hull with small projectiles. I was content with that for I knew the integrity of my hand built creation.
“Jexis!” I called in urgency. “Take the wheel!”
“What? Me? Ya’ crazy!”
“I know.” I grabbed the turret at the stern and adjusted the gear-spring, with the push of a lever hot metal poured out and pelted the offender.
Jexis, who was ignorant to the functioning of piloting airships, harnessed the helm and steered erratically. It not only made my aiming a more tedious process, but it also flustered the accuracy of the flag ship. We took turns shooting at each other while spiraling in circles, almost a mechanical waltz of sorts. I could tell that the captain of the Sun Stripper was becoming increasingly aggravated and resorted to using a type of weapon I had only seen before in stolen diagrams.

A small canister attached to a wire launched from one of the hatches of the ship, sailing through the air until it hit the stern of my Steamship. It was a way for missiles to strike any viable target without a chance of failure, and now we were to await our impending fate. With a flash the missile fired from it’s dispatchment and guided itself on the wire. I estimated that I only had a small window of opportunity to devise a means of removing the harness, it was made of an exceptional fabric that didn’t get hot, however it was subjectable to sharp objects.
As absurd as it seemed I was prepared to jump off and slice the wire, taking a hold of a Grapple Sword.
“Steer toward the enemy!”
“Ya’ crazy, we’d get killed!” Said a perplexed Jexis.
“Just trust me.”
I peered over the deck and saw the wire embedded deeply onto the craft.
With a running start I jumped off and the sword firmly at hand, slicing the wire cleanly. I flipped a latch on the side of the weapon and a wire of my own fastened to the side of the ship. Time seemed to slow down as I swung back aboard calling for Jexis to yaw upwards. He responded in the nick of time and the ship pitched up to the heavens just as the unguided missile traveled underneath the ship and impacted the Sun Stripper. An impressive explosion encompassed the enemy ship and devastated it enough to send it out of commission.

Jexis and I witnessed the burning machine plummet to the ground below, cheering for the victory we had claimed entirely by ourselves.
“I think I be givin’ up drinking.”
“I think that would be a fantastic doctrine to adopt.” I chuckled. For that moment I knew that our world of Gennua had a profitable future.

Surprisingly this is the very first short story have conceived successfully and I figured what better way to show it off than to send it in to contend other short stories.

Song Analyisis 101

Breaking Benjamin has to be one of my favorite bands of all time; not only do they preform wonderfully, a lot of my inspiration has some direct origin to their songs. They aren’t the only ones who have inspired me with ideas, among those are Fall Out Boy, Hoobastank, Deadmau5, and Shinedown. When I hear them I feel a strong energy and I have found myself drawing that energy to form images that move along with the song, which has helped shape the story as it is now.
When you listen to a song and you get a fuzzy feeling in your head, followed by goosebumps this the discovery of energy. It’s an odd ability and I’m not even sure how many people that exist has had this kind of circumstance come about them.
This particular song however is one of the few that can’t mesh into my main story, nothing I have made is like what I feel from the song. An entirely different story has emerged, a cross into a boundary that usually doesn’t happen naturally.
Here’s the lyrics to “Forget it”.

“It’s a crime you let it happen to me
Never-mind, I’ll let it happen to you
Out of mind, forget it there’s nothing to lose
But my mind and all the things I wanted

Every time I get it I throw it away
It’s a sign, I get it, I wanna stay
By the time I lose it I’m not afraid
I’m alive but I can Surely fake it

How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
You’re the part of me that I don’t wanna see

Forget it

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way

There’s a place I see you follow me
Just a taste of all that might come to be
I’m alone but holding breath you can breathe
To question every answer counted

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way

Forget it

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way

It’s a crime you let it happen to me
Out of mind, I love it, easy to please
Never-mind, forget it, just memories
On a page inside a spiral notebook

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way
I can live forever here

Forget it

How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
You’re a part of me that I don’t wanna see

I can live forever here”

What I saw was a man who had fallen in love with a girl, their bond unbreakable. One day she dies and he’s trying to recover from grief. With “It’s a crime you let it happen to me. Never-mind, I’ll let it happen to you .Out of mind, forget it there’s nothing to lose, But my mind and all the things I wanted” is the memory of how they made a promise not to let each other go, but even though he wanted to be with her forever it’s not possible now. To help with his distress he imagines that she’s still alive; he’s fully aware that she is dead and that he’s living a fantasy, but he likes it and wants it to be that way forever. When his imagination becomes more and more vivid it becomes a constant struggle in wanting to forget her and wanting not to lose her again.

So, what do you think–Crazy, brilliant, or both?