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30 Day Challenge: Day 9

For Day nine I must give my output on How Important I Think Education Is.

Education is a outdated process. Face it, the world is changing, people are changing any we need a new way to teach our next generations. A way in which they will be able to retain information when most needed either in real life problems (Algebra is in this list of the unneeded…) or in the chosen career field that is most favorable to an individual. Perhaps some program presented early in childhood to help discover the talents and level of intelligence then giving a completely customized educational training to fulfill that chosen path.
I don’t know if I have the proper ground to stand on since I never paid attention in school (Note that I was mostly a trouble maker too.), I always felt like I didn’t belong and what I was learning was far from what I was interested in. Math fried my brain and english restricted my creative expressiveness in writing (However for humanity’s sake proper grammar is always a necessity). I wanted more science, more particle and astrological physics, but I would have to wait for college for those subjects to even surface.

My point: Education is very important, but change is needed to teach effectively and certain ways are not helping retain the most important information to progress further in this life and in our careers.

Why I Wasn’t “Popular” In High School

Everyone wants it, the popularity that makes others turn their heads toward your radiating ego as you strut through the halls to get that favorite seat in Home Ec. class. I was one of those and my partial reasoning in joining the 7th Grade Football team was that one desire.

I was a dweeb, a full-blown nerd who enjoyed art and sciences in my elementary years, only to become more so when the transitioning of High School came into perspective. I was known as the “Crazy Lunitic Class Clown”, always trolling teachers and students, causing disruptions in the lunch room, and ultimately…getting sent to the principal and suspended more times than any parent could bear. (To this day, I’m not absolutely sure how I made it through…)

Then BAM–puberty, and I matured into a different being in the years after.

By the time I was in High School, I still had some questionable behavioral antics, but those qualities sparked something within my group of friends. I became what was known as “cool”. I was quiet and whenever something was said it was either witty and funny or outrageously random, giving birth to my most infamous nicknames. I realized that I didn’t want to be popular, I didn’t want the girls to be crawling all over me, or to be the one who was always in the center spotlight. I was already the one who my friends wanted to be around all the time, the one being invited to crazy parties (that wouldn’t attract law enforcement officials…), and no one really hated me…from what I know.

I could still be part of all the nerdy clubs, be a complete science and computer geek, and watch old Spongebob Squarepants episodes without judgement; that was the group I was a part of and to this day people still see me the same, if not more. The cool guy, popular within my own boundaries and not the world’s. Now I’m very much the same, doing what I do best.


I’d say I’m ready for college, which I won’t try to compete in the popularity contests, but there’s a lot I don’t know about that environment.  It could come unexpected and before I know it, I could be renown within city limits.
After all who would care, we’re in it for the education…right?