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The War of D’Gorra

This is a segment of the first part of the Bion Storyline. I thought perhaps it was the time to show what really goes on in my mind. However, this is conceptual and is subject to change, rearrange, and become non-existent at any period of time, so what you read may not what it may be. Enjoy.

I maneuvered the craft as far right as it’s dual EM thrusters could allow me, narrowly missing the accelerated fire of incoming Eidogirra cruisers. I noticed to my right an Anti-aircraft cannon which was carefully following my exact movement through the air. My gut was telling me I needed to eject, but if I did the Eidogirra would surely recover my body and execute me for the crime I was being convicted with. There was no time to make a grave mistake such as that, I knew my capabilities as a Flight Captain and this wasn’t the first time in my life I was forced to dodge and barrel-roll for survival. The AA cannon shot a beam of plasma which scorched my left wing; while I managed to tilt it just enough to avoid the second one the third one that zipped by hit my other wing, completely obliterating what came in contact.
My HUD displayed a critical failure and the sounds of the cockpit detaching itself from the rest of the craft announced with hisses. I shifted all the remaining power to the left engine attempting to manipulate the location of my crash landing, but the effect was minimal to what I had imagined. The craft was now spinning wildly toward the thick forest below and decided to eject, right before the chute could deploy the intact wing smashed into the glass hatch, knocking me out from my seat.
The terror of falling was inexplicably the worst feeling I had ever felt, it was more terrifying to accept the fact that I was to die in the next moments.
I desperately reached for the opened chute that came at me. My free fall was too fast to properly grasp the cloth and I hit one of the cockpit’s side fins, dislocating my shoulder and perhaps a few ribs as well.

There was nothing else I could do. So I closed my eyes.

I didn’t expect them to open.

I inspected the land around me to find a beach and a gigantic structure beyond the hill ahead of me. It shimmered in the bright light of the sun that appeared to be anchored my two long wires around the thickness of a normal skyscraper. I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing and I figured I was in coma, in the beginning of an eternal dream. It didn’t hit me till I was halfway up the hill that I realized the strange planet I was on was in fact inside out.
It was surreal to come to that conclusion, but as I looked up I could plainly see land and a large sea. Lights flickered in a boldly defined city and cruisers hovered above it in a line awaiting for a refuel. I deferred my amazement and hurried to the large structure. The black material was soft to the touch, with every press of a finger a faint blue light spread and filled the lines embedded into the building, like water draining into the cracks on the road. When my palm pressed against the wall a brighter blue emanated and lighted the entire structure, a loud rumble shook the ground around me and an entryway appeared.
Walking in was almost as fearful as my rebellious run in with the Eidogirra, the corridor shed as much light as a mine shaft spelling a certain air of mystery and dread. It wasn’t until further down that the darkness faded where I found myself now in a cathedral-like hall with a crystal ceiling.
“I’ve been awaiting for this day to come.” Said a voice in the eerie glow that the crystals cast on the floor.
“What do you mean?” I responded in bewilderment. “Didn’t I die?”
“So am dead.”
“No. You died, you are now alive.”
“What?” I breathed. Nothing that the being spit out made sense.”Where am I?”
“You should know. You created this.”
The voice laughed at my shocked expression and emerged into my view. The figure approached closer and stopped within a body length away. Thin arms, almost translucent skin with grayish scales, and long stands of flesh that protruded from it’s scalp taking the form of hair. An Eidogirra stood in front of me.
“I created…this planet? This building? What next, I created you?”

The Eidogirra swung his hands behind his back. “Since you mention it Ebor, you in fact did.”