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Time For Virtual Party Hats v2

Party till you sugar-crash.

It’s that time again, time to celebrate our next milestone of 500 views! (Pity on those who didn’t believe me the first time.)
Friday, March 9th was the blog’s most popular day with The Shoe To Fill the most popular post EVER. (In my history that is.) In the upcoming months new features will arise that will change the very way this blog is formatted, posts will blow your mind, and LULZ that shall stop your breathing; this isn’t an action movie folks, but it will happen!

Then again I would like to thank those who have provided feedback, those who have dared to follow me, my mom, the Academy, …

Time For Virtual Party Hats!

Not even a full month and my blog has gotten more views than my Blogger page I created a year ago–120 views to be exact! :mrgreen:
Quite an achievement I must say, it seems like my work has gotten the recognition I wanted so far with 5 followers and a few responses to my writing has certainly boosted my ego. Next milestone: 500 views.
I give my thanks for all of the support and comments everyone has contributed. Now where were we…oh right! Party!