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Licentious Indulgences

Jar of the Gods.

Nutella: A chocolate and hazelnut spread given to man by the Gods.

When it comes to guilty pleasures I cannot deny them, nor can I ignore them. I happen to be Puerto-Rican so therefore I am passionately attracted to chocolate and hazelnut spreads and Mangos, during my year spent on the tiny island the two would be part of my daily food triangle with the Mango at the top.

Have you ever had Nutella and Mango together–Mango chunks covered in hardened Nutella?

When I worked at Dillion’s (a small, unknown supermarket owned by Kroger) I always saved five-dollars just to get my Nutella fix for the week, I was the one who stocked them so the craving was a constant torture. What was more of a torture was the lack of Mango circulating in my diet, the ones you can get at Wal-Mart are far from the impeccable quality you get in Puerto-Rico. The attempt is futile.

There is one thing in this world however that trumps all substances, an object that has been worshiped for hundreds of years, a food that alters your very existance; the thing known as Bacon!

Ice cream
Bacon doughnuts
Bacon fried chicken
Bacon fried Bacon
Bacon cupcakes
Bacon salt
Bacon mints
Bacon BLT
Bacon A-la-mode
Bacon Explosion
Bacon Mania!

Anything with Bacon is worth it’s spot in the limelight and you know what they say, “”When in doubt, throw cheese and Bacon on it.” As ironic as it is Bacon is divine ambrosia.
What’s on my plate tonight? A Bacon-Nutella sandwich with a Mango smoothie.