Into The Past: The Lost Files

After contemplating on what my next blog post should be I found myself digging in the thousands (okay, not literally…) of notebooks I had collected over the years and found a small passage in the middle of all the blank pages.
A work of fan-fiction that I was working on and completely forgot about, so I figured I should inject life back into the piece by sharing it for everyone to see.

My first badge glistened in the warm sunlight. A bright grin reflected off of the gold facing that was owned none other than me. My happiness wasn’t so much about beating my first gym it was more of the fact that the Mudkip I found was the perfect candidate to make it happen. The small blue Pokemon hopped onto my lap and showed his unique interest in the small medal.
I handed it to him, gripping it inbetween his small paws as best as he could. He sniffed it, licked it, bit it; generally trying to figure out what funtion it served or why it was in my possession.
“Hmmm, good job.” A female’s voice said from behind. It was Roxanne with arms crossed and wearing her usual look of skeptism. “You worked hard today, I had a good match.”
“Thanks.” I said. It was odd to be conversing with a Gym Leader I just defeated.
“I’ve met a few trainers like you and there’s a similar trait I’ve noticed.”
“Like what?”
“The way you treat your Pokemon.” She said with a nod.
I looked at my Mudkip who grinned happliy back. “How I’m I different?”
“Well,” Roxanne said in thought. “You have a connection with them, It’s difficult to explain, but it’s stronger than anything I’ve known. It’s a special privilege being a trainer, you have a form of freedom we Gym Leaders could never have. We constantly have to watch the levels of the Pokemon we use and if they go past a certain level we have to go and catch a new one, one that qualifies for use in being a punching bag for young trainers like you.”
I almost felt guilty of doing so as her expression showed a form of humility. “You just had to make me feel bad, huh?”
Roxanne laughed. “No, just letting you know that you don’t want to become a Gym Leader. I heard what you said to the guide at the door, you are meant for more than that.”
I pondered at what else I would want to become. Nothing came to mind, then I remembered the Elite Four and the invitation that Sidney gave me. “The-the Champion? Of all Hoenn?”
Roxanne shrugged. “I don’t know, you’ll figure it out.” She then turned around and walked back into the gym building without a word more.

I’m not sure if I should be proud, upset, embarrassed, or even inspired. Either way it was interesting to find something of my past that showed my dedication to writing even as a young lad.

Pertinacious Paranoia

“Sometimes paranoia’s just having all the facts.”
-William S. Burroughs

Paranoia: a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. (e.g. “Everyone is out to get me.“) Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia.

If the entire world were to congregate in two places; one for those who make decisions based on Paranoia and the other for those who “claim” to be “normal”, the world would tilt a few degrees to one side. Everyone has some degree of paranoia and those who say that they don’t…well…I’ll tickle your fancy and congratulate you on your incredible achievement.
For the rest of us we will prolong our membership to Paranoids Anonymous and search for the paradise known for indispensable peace from people and their harrowing judgements. As a writer (if I have the permission to call myself that from you professional types) paranoia is a daily intake as much as carbs and sugar; just as unhealthy, just as fattening. I can’t help it, every word I inscribe onto a sheet of paper leaves behind a reminiscent feeling that someone, somewhere is going to question why I would even burn the minutes of my life away in such inferior work. (I should refer back to a previous post, but perhaps I shouldn’t)
The inevitability of worry threatens me right as the cursor rests upon Submit, Publish, Send, or Reply and will always do so until I happen to silence my procrastination; the thoughts that fly through my mind consists mainly of “What if they hate it?” or “This will never get any likes.“, I feel as there are all-powerful WordPress admins who read everyone of my posts and deems it as “Readable” or “SHALL THE DEVIL BE SANCTIFIED” material. It would explain the lack of likes and comments that boost my ego which allow me to continue on. (How inflated I would be if this were Freshly Pressed…)

After searching through the W.W.W. or the Worldly Waters of Wackos, I stumbled across and a picture he posted he called as the “Hierarchy of Paranoia”, a simple diagram showing the different levels of social fear.

Where do you rank?

I see myself around the first or second level of Paranoia, the average Joe who believes they are attentively watching your every move and snickering at how terrible your hair looks. A person to be at the fifth stage/level however is one who blames falling over in their chair on someone’s Fus Ro Dah.

Now I’m no expert, but for someone like that is worthy of a Code Brown everywhere they go, but I’m not one to judge…

…because somewhere in the world…someone…is judging me. O_o

Astrological Pseudoscience

Your ego has now grown by 50%.

Astrology has always captivated my curiosity. I have found myself occasionally reading my daily Horoscope in wonder of it’s truth. There have been multiple times where they have accurately predicted what was to come and other times where I wish it had, however I can’t say that it’s something I truly believe in. The credibility of a simple practice having the ability to predict the future based on when you were born is somewhat incredulous.
When I look at my sign and the traits that are appointed to one born into it, I begin to question my nihilism.

When I think about it I guess I do carry some level of charisma, and I am quite Intuitive and stylish (and they say I’m good lookin’ too. 😉 ). I suppose that this has a certain truth to it which is why I remain so intrigued, everything they say about people born in late September and most of October describes who I am as a person and my personality with almost perfect precision. Lucky number, day, and stone however I notice seems to change with different sites and that seriously reflects some loose ends in it’s credibility. is the one and only site I rely on for my “Readings”, one day after contemplating a recent choice I visited to find a Yearly Horoscope tailored to my sign. You would imagine how I felt about that, knowing that my chances of anything relevant was slim due to that particular choice I made, but (like my usual discoveries) this time I was wrong.
This is what it read:

Although many have secretly been dreading the arrival of 2012, you’ve personally been looking forward to it. That’s because karmic taskmaster Saturn has been doing a number on your life over the past two-plus years.
Relationship lessons have been relentless throughout this time. (You don’t say.)
If you haven’t made important decisions about where to commit – and where to quit – these are your final months to do so. Don’t wait another 30 years to get clear on what you truly want in your relationships. You’ll be in the throes of Saturn’s testing until October, when it moves into your neighboring sign, Scorpio. Consider this your final exam! (I haven’t even studied!)

Jupiter will be in its fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, making a magical aspect to your stars for a good portion of 2012. Jupiter’s lucky presence in your sector of sexuality (*raising eyebrow*), transformation and other people’s money brings every material and emotional resource you could ever want or need. You’ll have no problem attracting the proper support to fund your current or future projects. This is also the year for coming into your true power by transforming all the dead weight of your past. Change looks good on you, Libra. You’ve been shedding layers of karma, and now you’re about to reap the wonders of renewal. (I hope to the heavens I do!)

World travel beckons in 2012, so pack your bags! The spring-summer eclipse patterns activate your travel sector in May and June, and Venus is in your travel sector between April and August. During the retrograde phase in May and June, you may want to be lay low or avoid more intricate itineraries. Mars will be spending the entire first half of the year in your sector of sleep, unconscious processes and dreams. This could create some inner turbulence (if not all-out insomnia) if you don’t give yourself enough expressive and physical outlets. (*Cough* Halo. *cough*)
As always, it’s about finding balance, Libra.

This was definitely not the first time a Horoscope said something that was to happen and it to be fulfilled later on. It wasn’t my uncanny power of precognition either, it was the “stars and other celestial bodies with their alignments and the energy they radiate” as they say.
If I actually believed that I certainty wouldn’t be who I am today, I treat these “readings” with a grain of salt and usually just for fun to see what the Constellation Wizards have to say for the day.

Unhinged Polygons: Zombie Repellant

“Don’t get into the Warthog Jimmy.” I told my friend, warning him of the possible snipers in the area. The battlefield was quiet and a lone Rocket-hog sat in the middle of it. It was suspicious, usually it was fought for and Jimmy was known for getting into it first.
“Don’t worry Tony, I’ll just get it really quick and drive off before anyone can hit me.” He then casually strutted out of the cave and toward the Warthog, jumped in, and was instantly plucked out of gameplay from a head-shot.

This is one of the many scenarios I face during the frequent Halo Parties I attend. I was obliged to be invited to another in the same week from a different group of friends, two in one week. I was beginning to think that life couldn’t get any better than this. Mountains of Pizza boxes and Dr. Pepper cans became the latest pieces of furniture and the headsets were starting to bend our ears in a shape any Trekkie would be proud of.

The First one was composed of the friends with whom I work with; Jimmy, Ken (Kenny), and Mark. The invitation was obvious after an argument erupted after I said that I could get the Killimanjaro medal, Mark was skeptical and challenged me to a Slayer match. I came as soon as I could to his place, arriving when he least expected it. The first match was an Infection and I was one of the defending players. Since it was on ONI Sword base a good spot could be found in various places and prepared myself by procuring a shotgun before the herd of zombies came running towards me. It took seconds for the rampage to begin.

One zombie.
Two zombie. Double Kill.
Three zombie. Triple Kill.
Four and Five zombie. Zombie Killing Spree.

Mark was now getting concerned.

Six zombie. Killtrocity.
Seven. Killimonjaro.

Mark’s face was then breaking into a sweat.

Eat my medals Mark!

Eight. Killtastrophe.
Nine. Killpocalypse.
Ten. Hell’s Janitor.

Mark threw his fist into his lap in defeat.
A few seconds later a voice shouted “Hell’s Jerome!” and the entire room around me went silent. It was only when the match ended that I could see everyone’s face in utter amazement and shock. Mark shook his head then my hand, and said “Good one Marn, didn’t think you could do it.” but what he was really saying was “I will now eat my shoe.”.
It was out of luck, but I knew I could do it. For the rest of the night I was treated like Major Nelson…well, almost I suppose.

Next time you want to challenge me remember this, Don’t Mess with The Marnray.

Warriors of Metal: The Titans

My imagination runs wild when I think about my book (story/graphic novel/screenplay/…movie?), the first thing I see when I start writing are the Titans that play an important role in the universe of my creation. I’ve tried to explain the function of their mechanical implementations, but my attempts leave individuals shaken and bewildered. They can’t seem to wrap their head around the concept no matter how practical the process is.
To clear confusion the Titans have nothing to do with the Titans of Greek mythology, but do share some minor resemblances. The reason for that was done in complete ignorance, I was matching the number of Titans in my story to the theory of Gyranism that the Eidogirra follow; there are 12 numbers so therefore there are 12 Titans, each one embodying a number. I knew nothing about the Titans until I began High school, which was a few years after their conceptualization.

From the game Section 8; this is the closest I could find that would serve my vision justice.

The Titans essentially are techno-formed people that have been injected with heavy doses of Technite–a fictional substance that has strong reactions with electric current. When the Technite is injected it absorbs into the bones making them more resilient to damage, when adrenaline is pumped through the bloodstream it activates the stored substance and begins to transform the cells around them into an Organic-Technite composite until it reaches the bodies electric energy limit. The limit can be increased by augmentation, but anything higher than a 1,000 watt output can potentially cause an over-accumulation of Technite that can poison the body to fatal levels.
The color of the armor is solely dependent on personal energy and/or a Demicron of Eidogirra origin. The accumulation of Technite outside of the body can wrap around vital areas giving the appearance similar to the picture above, but far different from what any person has laid eyes upon.

That’s the Titans in a nutshell. Warriors with the fate of the Eidogirra’s perseverance in their hands, but their purpose is a lot more than just that. I was (actually..always) afraid to spill information that would spoil the plot of their true origin or other vital plot elements.

If you want to know more about it, you’ll have to wait for…