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30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Day seven has come around and now I get to list Five Pet Peeves.

There are many things that absolutely boil my blood. Things I wish I could eradicate from the face of this planet (or wipe from human minds). As much as I may hate them, the only thing I can do is complain about them.

  1. Eating with Your Mouth Open/Making Noise while Eating– If you want to send shivers down my spine, please don’t hesitate in performing these two actions. Manners people, manners.
  2. Not Meaning What You Say– If you say anything, make sure you mean it with everything you have inside you. If you didn’t the first time, you probably shouldn’t have said it at all.
  3. Stupidity– Need I say more? Grow a brain or dig a hole; the choice is yours.
  4. Cutting Your Tongue on Jolly Ranchers– It hurts.
  5. Waking Up With Messy Hair– Come on, I have an image to maintain and I can’t do that if it looks as if gerbils have moved in the follicle jungle overnight.

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

It comes to Day Five and the next subject happens to be to write Things I Would Say to an Ex.

I never had an ex-girlfriend. Something I’m particularly proud of.  Anyway, I decided that should use the subject as if I happened to exist in an alternate dimension.

I would say thank you. For whatever reason we broke up or left each other, you made me realize you simply were not the one who I was destined to be with my entire life. I would’ve enjoyed it, but that would mean depriving someone truly in need and deserving of my love. We had a great time together and I have no regrets for anything we did, said, or wished for. The memories that we share will remind me of how much worth I have to someone and while it may be bitter at first to smile at them, when I do marry the one, a smile of gratefulness will be seen. Grateful that because of our choices, it made us into the people we were supposed to be, to find the one God made for us. Thank you.

30 Day Challenge: Day 4

For Day Four, the next on the challenge list is to Bullet My Whole Day.

  • I wake up at 11:05, picking up my cell phone to check the time in a zombie-like fashion.
  • I manage to stumble to the bathroom to commence with shower.
  • *censored*
  • I find a suitable outfit to slip into that doesn’t conflict with work policies.
  • I gather my belongings for the bike ride to the occupational facility.
  • I ride my bike to said occupational facility.
  • I walk in and almost instantly, a sense of dread and depression fills my body.
  • My shift begins and I sit at my designated workstation which doubles as a prison cell.
  • I get my first call after pulling up the necessary systems to do my job “properly”.
  • My blood pressure rises as the customer yells with enough volume to rupture both eardrums.
  • (Repeat above for two hours.)
  • Break time arrives in which I walk several feet to another room simply to sit back down.
  • It’s over and the yelling continues for two more hours.
  • Lunch with Friends.
  • Back to the phone for four more hours till end of jail sentence.
  • I hop back on my dual-wheeled transportation device and peddle my way back home while listening to relaxing Skrillex.
  • I arrive and crash onto my bed. Then I turn on my Xbox to kill Covenant forces in therapeutic relaxation.

That’s my day. My week on repeat.

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

For Day Two I’ve sat pondering what I would write for the next item on the list is to Write Something I Feel Strongly About.

Following your dreams.

Everyone has one regardless of the life they have lived and many people are too afraid to go out and get it.
I see it as a waste of our talents and inner worth as I see some people to be so much more than they make themselves to be. Some however are inhibited from following the necessary tasks to complete that dream due to other situations and imposing elements, but there’s always a time in life to accomplish it either in youth or old age.
Things worth accomplishing aren’t easy and the obstacles ahead may seem impassable, but nothing is impossible. It doesn’t matter how far it is, how long it could take, or how much you have to push yourself, it’s al worth it in the end.

I believe that we should all strive to dream big and give it all we have, ignoring the negative voices from ourselves and others. If we have the courage to pursue them, nothing can stop you.

The Termination Of Procrastination

Lately my mind has been reeling with the events that have taken over my life and the novel which has…well, taken a strange turn. Writing has taken a comfy spot in my daily schedule along with my eventual move to Oregon, which has left me busy with days of planning, working for extra cash, but blogging unfortunately–has not. I’ve bored myself to start something that will hopefully reignite my creativity and motivation to finish what I started long ago.


30 Day Challenge

The WordPress 30 Day Challenge!

For an entire month I shall post a post a day and (heaven willing) in succession. Some of the items on the list are obviously meant for girls (and it’s crossed my mind occasionally that this is only meant for girls), but who says I can’t mix it up. After all, it’s the dedication to write that counts regardless of the questions presented.

To start, I’ll list off the Five Ways to Win My Heart.

  1. Say That I’ll be Your Only– There’s nothing quite like dedication in relationships, I see it to be a true sign of love as I would never cheat on any girl and I expect them to do the same for me. I don’t see it as constraining either; if you want to be with me, then say it. If you don’t, then you’re wasting my time. It seems harsh, but I never look to be someone’s first, only their last.
  2. Show Me You’re Not Afraid to Love Me– I agree that PDA’s are the one of the best ways to show that you’re comfortable being with me. Kissing in a busy park, holding my hand across the restaurant table, giving complements in a crowded subway; all of these and more will acknowledge that you love me unconditionally and want to show that to the world.
  3. Have a Strong Ambition– If you have a dream to become anything great and have the determination to achieve it that shows me that you have a vision of your life ahead, something that I see as attractive.  Knowing that if we have a life together, we can help each other in sharing that outcome.
  4.  Mean Every Good Thing You Say to Me– Be honest. That’s as straightforward as I can get, even if you are too honest, just don’t lie. If you say that you love me, find that it comes from your heart and not a way to get into my pants or use me for any reason.
  5. Make Sacrifices– I’m not asking for the world, but only for small compensations that let me know that you really want me and are worth a spot in my life.

The list could go on further, but I figured these are the most important when it comes to this touchy of a subject. So that’s that for day one, let’s see what happens for day two.

Why I Wasn’t “Popular” In High School

Everyone wants it, the popularity that makes others turn their heads toward your radiating ego as you strut through the halls to get that favorite seat in Home Ec. class. I was one of those and my partial reasoning in joining the 7th Grade Football team was that one desire.

I was a dweeb, a full-blown nerd who enjoyed art and sciences in my elementary years, only to become more so when the transitioning of High School came into perspective. I was known as the “Crazy Lunitic Class Clown”, always trolling teachers and students, causing disruptions in the lunch room, and ultimately…getting sent to the principal and suspended more times than any parent could bear. (To this day, I’m not absolutely sure how I made it through…)

Then BAM–puberty, and I matured into a different being in the years after.

By the time I was in High School, I still had some questionable behavioral antics, but those qualities sparked something within my group of friends. I became what was known as “cool”. I was quiet and whenever something was said it was either witty and funny or outrageously random, giving birth to my most infamous nicknames. I realized that I didn’t want to be popular, I didn’t want the girls to be crawling all over me, or to be the one who was always in the center spotlight. I was already the one who my friends wanted to be around all the time, the one being invited to crazy parties (that wouldn’t attract law enforcement officials…), and no one really hated me…from what I know.

I could still be part of all the nerdy clubs, be a complete science and computer geek, and watch old Spongebob Squarepants episodes without judgement; that was the group I was a part of and to this day people still see me the same, if not more. The cool guy, popular within my own boundaries and not the world’s. Now I’m very much the same, doing what I do best.


I’d say I’m ready for college, which I won’t try to compete in the popularity contests, but there’s a lot I don’t know about that environment.  It could come unexpected and before I know it, I could be renown within city limits.
After all who would care, we’re in it for the education…right?

In Memorium: A Bacon’s Tale

Many of you may not be aware of the recent tragedy of the Bacon community when a truck driver transporting 40,000 pounds of our beloved ambrosia crashed on the highway. The Bacon was celebrating it’s third day of emerging into this world when the semi hit the median, spilling him and all of his brethren onto the pavement.

They were killed on impact.

Rest in Peace

The Bacon was a fun, family loving strip, always ready to help a friend in need. With the dreams of someday starring in his own reality show he participated in several videos within his time of development, steadily climbing the ladder of fame.  He was loved by many and shall be missed by all donuts, skillet, sandwiches, Wendy’s, and unorthodox platters. The nation shall grieve for the loss and will always remember this day. The rest of the numbers shall be forever be etched in remembrance by a memorial being built at supermarkets everywhere.

The Bacon is in a better place now.