About The Book

As I have said in previous posts and to many unwilling ears I am working on a book that’s been in production limbo for over 8 years, awaiting for that missing piece to complete the image I envisioned.
The first part of the story is about a man by the name of Ebor, a survivor of the Habanian race after an Extraterrestrial species known as the Eidogirra saved the nation from extinction. Now the Habanians have risen from the ashes and plan to take back their place as the king of the galaxy, regaining control by knocking the Eidogirra off their throne. An organization aimed to eliminate the alien species called the Arbriell want exactly that even if it means starting the next war, persuading Jace Wicko–a worker for the Eidogirra–to assassinate the Emperor.
Ebor is informed of the plans the Arbriell have and must stop them at all costs, discovering powers that he doesn’t even know existed.

The full story however is a lot more than just that, it’s filled with a rich mythology that surrounds the Eidogirra and how they operate and the mysterious energies that give each one different powers. The story follows in three paths; Marnrasia–a supporting character who Jace falls in love with, Jace Wicko, Ebor, and the powerful Titans that are destined to either destroy or preserve the worlds they control.

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  1. Your book sounds really involved (and I mean that in a good way!). Is there a reoccurring theme/one plot, or more than one going on at once? It sounds really interesting.

    • Thank you for the interest. This is the only book to have three different plots that merge into each other at the end. (The 8 year limbo? That’s why)
      The other books will follow the theme established at the end of The War of D’Gorra. It’s a very intricate process since it involves so many characters.

      • Eight years should not be something that you are worried about – it is actually a good thing that it is taking you a longer time than you expected! If you finished too quickly, I think the book would lose some of the details you hope to include. Without all that time you spend working on it (and you gain experience as you go along) you may be slightly dissatisfied with the results. I hope it goes well for you!! Let me know if you ever finish it 🙂

      • I’m always be dissatisfied with my work. ( 😆 ) You do bring a good point though, one that I do overlook many times during development. It took 13 years for Alistair MacLeod to write No Great Mischief, so 8 years I’d say right now is pretty good.
        I will definitely make sure you are one of the first (along with several others who are awaiting patiently) to know when it’s done if it does in fact become a novel.

      • That is true. All great things take time. 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it goes! Good luck with everything!!

  1. April 13th, 2012

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