The Insanity of Insanity

I am usually one who would rather prefer to sit at home cuddling up with a significant other while watching a good movie. Working out or exercise is something I havent done since the 7th grade, training on the grass covered gridiron, but after years of only biking frequently a few friends and I have decided to try the workout program known infamously as Insanity.

The order from Amazon was only the start to what we were to endure. The process not only required a large space for the exercises, but a whole fridge makeover. A certain diet to follow is what was suggested for the best results, forcing me to buy healthy stuff. Like fruits. And salad.

I knew from that on that I would have to sacrifice the sweet taste of soda and candy for the duration of the two months it would take to finish the Insanity program. 3 days later the DVD’s arrived and it was time to begin the extraneous activity. The four of us were ready to take it by the horns, participating in the fitness test as a warm up.

…That’s when we knew that the title lived up to it’s infamy.

We broke down in front of each other (not to mention girls too) and felt like our calves had exploded, our stomach churned with protein shakes ready to blow like Krakatoa, blood swelled in our pulsating brains, and sweat could be collected to fill a kiddy pool.

And we were only 13 minutes in.

For the first day update I have to say that it is not for the faint of heart. The first week will be spent redoing the fitness test till the immunity has built up to the point where we can start the actual exercises. May the force be with us all…

  1. Wow! I have a friend who has done it several times over as well as the asylum. Stick to it, it only gets easier and the results are so worth it!!

    • I appreciate the encouraging words. 🙂
      Seeing how I turn out is the main motivation behind the workout, I need it (and so does a certain person, *cough-cough*).

      • Hey, you might like this too :

        My friend who I was talking about just started her own blog a few days ago… she has gradual transformation pictures in her first post. The writing is lighthearted and REAL.

        Best wishes!!

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