Minecraft: Puny Edition

There I was, surfing through the web in a desperate attempt to find a good game to play. I had grown out of Neopets, Dragonfable was getting boring, flash games on Kongregate were nearing their end, and nothing else would fulfill my needs–then it happened. I stepped on a Lego getting out of my chair (which was quite painful) and I sat back down to mend my throbbing heel. Inspiration struck and I searched online for something that could allow me to build Virtual Lego models to decrease the chances of a similar incident I just suffered later in the future, minutes later I found a site which talked about the Lego Digital Designer and a particular comment in the bottom of the page caught my eye.
This is nothing compared to Minecraft.”
Oh really I thought to myself therefore preparing to test this theory. Google brought me to the website and the link to try the Classic Version beheld before me. That was when my life changed forever…

Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. I did fall in love pretty quickly though, only taking me about a week to pre-order it. I’ve spent countless hours digging for diamond, bashing some zombies into oblivion, witnessing the horror of The Nether, and creating mansions of brick and wood. When I heard about it’s release on the mobile platform I was absolutely enthralled because I knew that I was able to spend countless more hours playing anywhere in the world I wanted. So then I borrowed an iPod and began my quest in Pocket Edition.

I started with a smile and I left distraught ready to question Mojang’s integrity. I knew of course that there wasn’t a way possible at the time to get the entire Minecraft experience on an iPod or any Android phone for that matter, but the lack of crafting missed the mark so many were expecting the game to hit. The main reason for Minecraft’s popularity and success would have to be it’s crafting mechanics and the survival aspect that made it challenging and extremely fun. Pocket Edition only injected more life into it’s free classic mode available on the website, but charging us iOS users seven bucks for it. (Android users too, but they don’t count.)
Before I could complain Mojang reassured that the glorious Survival update would come, when the day came I was up and ready to divulge in the Mini-Minecraft world again. This time the results were better than expected and the future of Pocket Edition grew brighter–however crafting is still planned at a later date. Along with the addition of mobs, animals, and health, tools were also added in the mix. The pick, sword, axe, shovel, and sheers are available for use with no risk of wear and tear. New blocks have also appeared such as doors and fences, but doesn’t even begin to surmount to the amount you can get on the PC.
Another feature that has been implemented is flying…if it were actually flying. After the update and checking the new reviews a large amount of people praised the mechanic saying “I can fly now!! Hooray!” or “Imma Supa’ man flyin’ and snatchin’ up yo sheep.”.
I cannot stress enough that it is not flying, but floating. Double-jump and you are now Marty Mcfly on a hover-board. The only way to gain altitude is to (quite literally) jump off the tallest peak.

I always try to correct myself from making it what it really isn’t, finding comfort in calling it “Puny Edition”. Don’t get me wrong though, I am aware that Mojang is planning a lot more updates to make it as good as it’s big brother, but for now it suffices as a great game that will last well until then.

As much as I’d hate to admit it Minecraft has to be the best PC game I have ever played. (Yes–better than Combat Evolved.) If you haven’t bought it or played it yet–go here. Now. (www.minecraft.net)

Conquer the world--one block at a time

    • MinecraftServed
    • March 10th, 2012

    Minecraft is pretty dang amazing. Good post bro.

    • Thanks. I’m sure anyone who has played Minecraft would say the exact thing (unless of course they were the uncreative kind that thinks with muscles instead of grey matter, but that’s an entirely different post).

  1. Good read! I just learned about your article and will doubtlessly become a usual reader now. Keep up the good work.

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