The Curtain Unvailed

My faith in 343 Industries was ambiguous to say at the least, and for months I felt like Halo would never be the way it was again…
…Oh how I was wrong.

Behold the Spartan IV Program: Bigger, better, faster, stronger, and ready to kick some Forerunner butt.
Today the first ever look into the actual game-play of Halo 4 was released which showed the amazing work 343 put into the new game. From the words of Kiki Wolfkill–the executive producer of the Reclaimer Trilogy–Halo 4 is being built from the ground up. New sound, new music, new effects, and a completely revamped engine. Not to mention new multiplayer maps such as “Wraparound”, a Forerunner complex that seemed to function as some energy factory…whatever it is I don’t care because it looks incredible. While showcasing the new maps I was able to glimpse at some of the new armor customizations and to my guess this time around we could actually change more than just the basic pieces that we’ve had to live with for years, I remember reading or perhaps hearing that some kind of perk system would be integrated within multiplayer gameplay to the likes of Call of Duty or some-other-game-which-slips-my-mind.

I was left in awe after seeing what I saw, it was four minutes of pure joy and excitement and the nerd-gasm I had was enough to scare anyone who happened to be in the room. (TMI?) I want to say that everyone should disregard what I said in my previous post, what I have seen has restored my faith in 343 Industries and the fact the Frank O’ Connor still has a large part in the development gives me a greater reassurance that this will be what we are all wanting from Halo 4.
Nevertheless I still have my doubts, even after all I have seen to this point, I have a faint outlook that even after all of the overhauling they may still miss the very aspects that we really want. (Will this be the “pretty-boy” of the series?) For example the arsenal improvisation mechanics that will be in the game will radically change the mechanics of combat; do I really, really need that? Keep the way the fighting has been and I’m sure no one will complain, although I haven’t tried it so this argument may have been invalid from the beginning. I still give my kudos to 343 Industries for their hard work and determination to make this an amazing piece of art, I might have to shut my mouth for the time being until more is released which then I will certainly post.
This Christmas may take longer to come than I could ever imagine.

  1. I believe the “some-other-game-which-slips-my-mind” is Battlefield maybe? Thats the other game most people have been comparing the perks system to.

    • Hmm, perhaps. My subconscious doesn’t convey information very accurately, so it might be something completely different…who knows. (Apparently not me.)

  2. I think that if 343 gives the Perks a feel and function that’s unique to Halo then it won’t be so bad. As for the proposed alterations to the fighting mechanics, it’s a tough call. I’ve had the feeling that the gameplay of Halo really needs to be changed/updated if is going to remain relevant. However, it still needs to feel like Halo, so 343 has their work cut out for them.

    Also, did I read that right? “Kick some Forerunner butt”? I’d heard that the Forerunners were involved but not the enemy. Seriously, how are they the enemy? Aren’t humans descended from the Forerunners?

    • “Also, did I read that right? “Kick some Forerunner butt”? I’d heard that the Forerunners were involved but not the enemy. Seriously, how are they the enemy? Aren’t humans descended from the Forerunners?”

      My response: ” O_o

      Right…I guess I give in too easily to what others speculate. Although it may be true that the Forerunner and Humans may be one as thought of in Halo 3, from the story that the Terminals told in Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition I concluded that The Forerunners were once at war with the Humans, after the battle we Humans reverted back to an almost primitive state. The Reclaimer Trilogy might just be Humans “reclaiming” our spot as the rulers of the galaxy. I may be wrong and if I am than I shall wear the hat of shame.

      • I was just wondering. I’ve yet to see the contents of the terminals in Anniversary. Humans and Forerunners being ancient enemies…now that’s a twist!

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