The Shoe To Fill

As anyone that truly knows me would tell you that I am probably the biggest Halo fan they have ever encountered, I can’t say that I am the biggest in existence because if I were I would have the Halo 3 symbol tattooed onto my back, I would go to work and travel about town in full Spartan suit, I would have my house built to replicate the Silent Cartographer building in Combat Evolved, I would own every Covenant and UNSC weapon replicas, and legally change my name to Tony-777.
I am content with just my loyalty and knowledge (my family is as well), but I still plan on creating a full Spartan costume. Besides the point I love Halo and everything to do with it and the entire reason I do was Bungie’s efforts in making the game the best it could be adding a incredible story and gameplay that changed FPS’s forever, but now that Bungie has decided to let 343 Industries take the helm of the franchise how will they be able to fill the legendary developer’s shoes?
This theoretical shoe may be too big for 343, they have a lot to live up to and millions of expectations to meet especially Master Chief and their take on him, they have already turned my opinion of their decisions toward a (very) negative side after seeing the transformation of his armor.

He's spent a while drifting in space, but enough time to make a fashion statement?

They say there’s a story to it.
What kind of a story could explain this? Did there happen to be a spare, more fashionable suit? Did he stop at some intergalactic Old Navy? Did he level up and evolve? Or is he simply that BA and made his own custom look?
I hope it’s the latter or at least something others and I would deem as viable. It ultimately comes down to the mechanics of the game and therefore the feeling you get when you first step into the superhuman tank. The feeling must be what made it amazing for people playing the first Halo; you felt invincible, but still vulnerable enough to where strategy and quick decisions meant life or death. It might not matter for someone who played the game casually just to say that they did, but for someone who played ever since they laid eyes on the cover art would agree that this crucial and absolutely necessary for the new trilogy.
That’s right I said trilogy folks, that means after the fourth installation (*geek squeal*) 343 Industries will have two other chances to either make history or cause the biggest uproar in the gaming world. That brings me to my other concern–what kind of plot will The Reclaimer Trilogy follow? More so in what way will Halo 4 differentiate from the other games before it?
The main difference of course is the fact that the Forerunners will have some part in the story according to official sources, more than likely the shield world shown hosts the rest of their civilization, however this is only a rumor and might not be 100% true. The Precursors have also been rumored to play a part, but I’m sure a discovery like that would be saved for last. Regardless of who the enemy may be–what would they have to do for the UNSC to begin a new war? Would the Flood be involved (Again?)? Or will this (major spoiler alert, major spoiler alert!) be a paradoxical repetition of history?

If I have to endure one more level of this crap I'll...

Even Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian is nervous about the development of the game, but we are reassured by many that they wouldn’t let the crown jewel fall into the wrong hands, 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios would be foolish not to make Halo 4 the best it can be and more. All I (and the rest of the world) will have to hope for our wishes to be granted and continue with the optimism that Master Chief’s next adventure will be as epic as the ones before it.

    • Charbie
    • August 18th, 2012

    Right you are sir. Right you are.

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