Hypocricy At It’s Finest

I’m beginning to wonder if this blog will turn out the way I first imagined and it almost seems like I have completely strayed from the original reason for it’s very existence, I remember vividly saying that this blog was meant to be for writers such as myself to share their ideas, but yet I find myself wanting to post miscellaneous stuff about movies, games, or my opinions about my life in  general. Nothing really about writing unless it pertains to my own story…
Why not just make this about my book?
Would others actually waste their time reading about something they shouldn’t even care about?
Why should I care about it and what others think?
Why did I even start a blog?
Why am I so persistent to show the world my thoughts?
Why am I thinking out loud?

Perhaps I think too much and try too hard, perhaps I just need to write whatever I feel like writing about at the time and let this blog take it’s own style. Writing is a form of freedom and cannot be restrained by the the boundaries one tries to confine it to. I find myself guilty of committing that crime daily and I continue to do so no matter who says what even if it comes from my own mouth because I believe (somewhere deep and dark in the vast realm of my subconscious) that it must match the level of perfection I falsely perceive to set.
As I navigate through the sea of blogs that already exists I notice that they are far from perfect and they still get more views in a day that I would estimate to get in a year, my only conclusion is that the authors are true to their blogs and prevent themselves from wasting time to meet others expectations.

For once, I need not worry so much about how others see my blog and just write because I want to and not because I “need” to.

    • Charbie
    • August 19th, 2012

    Well said. Bloody brilliant. Being a novelist is not only about having published works. It is about writing, bottom line. I have only read 4 or 5 posts so far and I gotta say, I’m a fan! 🙂 Thumbs up to you buddy!

  1. July 2nd, 2012

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